Saturday, April 11, 2009

Final Inspections

I'm actually packing! Not just clean out a closet and organize packing but boxes filling my house, bubble wrap and begging newspaper from family to wrap dishes in PACKING! The bubble wrap is almost too much of a temptation for Alex and I have to chase him away from it before it's all popped and I'm already worried about how heavy to make the boxes. Fewer boxes that are heavier or more smaller boxes that are easier to carry?

It "looks" (IE I'm not counting those chickens yet) like the final inspection will be next Wednesday. I could be swimming in the pool Wednesday night!! In the meantime, the builders sent pictures of some of the finishing touches. I'll be sure to get a full set of every room when we move but I might be a little preoccupied for awhile. The top photo is the front door which was just stained and installed. They're still waiting for the weather to improve before completing the exterior painting. We will most likely be moving in before they paint the outside.

The railing is stained and completed. The main floor hallway is now a color called dovecoat. I think it'll be a great color for art.The front door from the foyerThe dining room The master bedroom ceiling fan, now with more beamage The master shower grouted and with all the handles and sprayersThe other side of the master shower grouted, the shower door goes in Tuesday The fireplace has tile!!! A mirror is going in on Tuesday in the top section. A closer look at the fireplace tile