Saturday, July 12, 2008


After a short glitch in the excavation start date due to the contractor's family emergency, we have digging!!! These pictures were taken in June right before our trip to Florida but I was feeling lazy so I've just been sitting on them. We were up after they had the brush and topsoil cleared and they were levelling off the footprint and building a requested berm. The best part for me was seeing the driveway laid out, though climbing on piles of dirt was fun too. While we were away they've dug the basement and are pouring footings. Next, we have the pool installation and the rest of the foundation. I'm eager to see the new progress and the big hole!

I also am due to meet with the kitchen designer and go over materials. I got to look at first drafts for kitchen, mudroom and bathroom layouts. They look really great. I'll try and scan in the sketches she gave me. I really love the tall cabinetry she has on the range and sink wall and how she has the fridge and ovens together in one section. For now, here are pictures of our dirt:

Scooping up Dog Hill, no more deer blind
Entrance to the driveway
The turn in the driveway
Completing the driveway turn Sideview of the footprint looking back at the driveway,
which is just left of center.

Sideview of the footprint with the basement walkout side to the right
Alex and John looking off the back edge

Toa Matoro came along and enjoyed playing in the dirt


Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

Oh my goodness. I think your son and five boys would get along swimmingly. Our Toa matoro is currently perched on my piano, taking up the space where sheet music normally would reside.

Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

I meant to say "your son and my five boys..."