Sunday, April 6, 2008

About Dog Hill

For over 5 years now my husband and I have been looking to purchase a piece of land and build our dream house in northern Michigan. There were several near-misses, almosts and quite a few disappointments but we finally found a spot of land we love. This past fall we finally purchased 16 acres of beautiful rolling hills covered in meadow and forest in the midst of cherry orchards and vineyards. Dog Hill is the name that seems to have stuck. Mostly because John, my husband, can't stop talking about how many dogs he wants to have when we move. We have two dogs, Karmal and Roxy.

We've been so ready to move, we quickly found builders we liked and started designing our new home. This occupied most of my brain this winter. Now with Michigan thawing out and our financing settled we're ready to get started! Soon I hope to journal the culmination of our dreams come true. While you and I wait here's some pictures of our property:

My son Alex on our land (08-28-07)
behind him is the retention pond at the end of our road

The home site on (12-28-07)
the small structure in the center is a deer blind left from the previous owners
The white pine valley (12-28-07)

The building site on (04-03-08)
the snow was completely melted on the big hill and
it was strange to see all of the meadow grass flattened down

Our road in and our neighboring cherry orchard (04-03-08)
our land is on the right, I'm standing about 20 feet from the western property line

Alex playing in the retention pond (04-03-08)


Lilian said...

Wow, this sounds like a wonderful experience to document -- building one's dream house!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, are you a new reader or did you just find me by chance on Google? (I'm not sure about that because the time of your comment doesn't coincide with searches and clicks in my site meter).

Anyway, you should add an email to your profile (just create a new email account for your blogs) so it's easier to reach you. I just wanted to let you know that Kelvin is fine and walking completely normally since this morning. I wrote a post about that. The only problem is that he now has a scary looking rash, but the nurse from his pediatrician's office told me that it's a consequence of the virus too (like the myositis) and that several other children of the practice have come down with it.

I hope Alex is feeling better as well.

Jamie said...

Wow! You are living our dream! We are currently smack in the middle of the French rat race and dream of moving to a farm or huge beautiful plot of land in the northern US - and spending our days cooking, baking, and tromping around our land with a troop of Boston Terriers at our heels. Congratulations on living the dream and starting your food blog.