Saturday, April 12, 2008

A tasty find

We woke to snow-dusted trees and a half inch of snow this morning. It was beautiful but did not look like spring. Fortunately, the forecast shows temperatures back in the mid 50s by Wednesday so it shouldn't last. Despite the snow, Alex was eager to go to the property and walk around. It was windy with fine snow blowing in the air so I headed for cover in the wooded area east of the building site. I was rewarded with finding a nice large pile of boulders, a few large sugar maples, some trout lily leaves poking through the leaves and....ramps!! I found three or four 2-foot diameter patches of them in the small area I was in. We're headed home tomorrow and I hope to go collect some before we leave. Here are some of the pictures I took today:
The pile of boulders
Alex climbing Lichen spotted boulder
A patch of ramps
The northern side of the buiding site
(Alex and the retaining pond are in the bottom right)
The woods just east of the building site

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Anne Bradshaw said...

What a fantastic place for a home. Good luck with the building. Loved the photographs. Glad I found your blog today.