Friday, April 11, 2008

A blessing

We're up north since Alex had Friday off school. We met with the woman that deals with the kitchen and bath cabinetry and talked about kitchen layouts, cabinet styles and materials and bathrooms. That was a lot of fun but since it was the first meeting it was more about thinking than deciding. I'm far from being prepared to do any deciding on the kitchen anyway. We're also looking to finalize window choices and and doors. We have a bunch of things to look over at home and think about (house and roof colors, front door styles, garage doors).

Later, we went out the land and met with the orthodox priest in the area to have a blessing of the land. Alex was very impressed with the censer and the priest's shawl. He even carried the censer very nicely. The weather had cooled and it was raining and hailing earlier so we didn't walk the land. Alex really wanted to even though he was cold. He has his own little route he likes us to take whenever we visit the property.

When we next come up we should be looking at staking to approve the position of the house and then they can start digging! (Can you hear my internal screams of joy?)

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