Saturday, October 18, 2008

More pictures from our latest trip

Here are a few more pictures from our visits to the building site on Thursday and Friday. I have to do some reading on how to take better forest images because I'm at a complete loss as to the camera settings, light and angles to take the pictures and the woods are so beautiful right now! The violent reds of the sumac, the cheery golds and oranges of the maples, and the deep rich green of the white pines captivate me.
The south side of the house The north side of the house with siding and the front walk
The patio outside the master bathroom door
The patio outside John's office and the pool room The retaining wall with more work done
I'm thinking this spot would be perfect for a trellis. The forest where I planted the morel spawn
My soon-to-be morel patch (expertly hidden)
The blazing colors of staghorn sumac

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