Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stairs and well drilling

After finalizing the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry decisions yesterday, we spent most of today relaxing. The sun came out in the afternoon and we decided to head out to the building site once the workers were gone for the day. Surprised and delighted, we found that both staircases were in! Alex was nervous on the stairs without a railing and didn't like how far you can see down on the attic level. I just loved being in the attic! The space has so much character and the views are even better than the master bedroom and bath views. You can even see into the pool through the skylights!!

We also discovered a ginormous red truck that at first glance seemed to be some sort of crane. After walking around it and reading the name "Versa-Drill" we figured out that it was a well drilling truck. Alex LOVED the squishy mud that had come from the drilling. I have to admit I enjoyed throwing a few rocks into it as well. We're headed home tomorrow after going over some plumbing and electrical details with the builder. We're making sure Alex wears boots tomorrow so he can really muck around that well mud. Here are pictures of our first time being in the attic and the well drilling machine:
The south side of the house with the pool room walls upThe west side of the attic The east side of the attic and the stairwell
The view of the skylight holes from the southern attic window The basement stairs
Alex playing on some wood
The Versa-Drill The drilling spot
The fun sticky mud
It must be because I have a little boy but mud and mess can be beautiful.
Alex's shoes post well mud, thankfully they can go in the wash!

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