Thursday, October 16, 2008

Patios, retaining walls, siding and a fabulous sunset!

We went out to the building site around dusk today. The afternoon was crisp and sunny and created a gorgeous sunset. If you look closely at the center right side of the photo above you can see our house nestled into the woods. This view is from up higher on our road in but still on our land. You can see Lake Leelanau and the rolling hills covered with fall color. I hope someday to have a little gazebo or grape arbor up here to watch the sunset.

At the house they've continued adding siding and look to be more than halfway done. The small patios outside of John's office and the master bathroom are both poured. The front walkway is also poured and I love it's shape and placement. Again my mind is filling with gardening plans. The two nooks on either side of the front porch will be a lot of fun to design and plant. I even have several large rocks found in the excavation to place in them.

We'll be headed home tomorrow. I did get a chance to plant some of Papou's quince and my morel spawn on the property. The medlar my father brought back from PA turned out to not have formed seeds, though there was a codling moth larva to surprise me inside! I may try and convince John to let me buy some discounted saplings to plant before we leave tomorrow.

The siding continues to the front of the house The beginning of the retaining walls

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