Friday, February 13, 2009

Our dogs go to Dog Hill

We're just back from a quick trip up to see the house. We didn't have our normal dog sitter available so we decided to bring our two dogs Roxy and Karmal up to see the property for the first time. The drippy weather was a mess, though the warmth that caused it was welcome. I spent my time in the house going over tile details while John and Alex took the dogs tromping in the woods a bit. Alex got completely soaked splashing in the snow melt and Karmal and Roxy found mice in a brush pile. The dogs seemed to like the land though Roxy wasn't fond of sinking into the deep snow. Things look good in the house, though we expected more progress. I'm happy with the majority of the colors and think that it will be great with a few tweaks and with all of the other details in place. We expect to head up again very soon.
Alex in the snow melt pond with Roxy sniffing around behind him John, Alex, Roxy and Karmal down in the valley behind the house

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once in a blue moon... said...

how fun for the dogs~ AND YOU! and you even have a pond too, girl you got it all!