Thursday, February 26, 2009

More trim and tile

I posted on my foodblog today about laying out closet units in the pantry, see Pantry Plans. I had a few more pictures left on my camera from last week's trip so I'm throwing them up. Here's more trim, doors and tile that were in place last week.
A better look at the main floor powder room colorCloset doors, trim and a door in the playroom/second bedroom The foyer tiles with more of the slate cut
The little window onto the pool room in the master bedroom
I have to get stops so this can't open more than 3 inches or
one of the cats will fall through for sure. Kids bath tile
Trim and doors in the downstairs family room, the glass is covered on the French doors.
Master bath tile Closer master bath tile, I still like it but I'm nervous
about how it will look against the tub now.
Tile and trim in the attic powder room, the tile looks more tan in real life
and I've asked them to paint the next shade darker in the green.Alex was pretending to kiss the tree.
He got his hair cut yesterday and no longer looks like Mowgli.


once in a blue moon... said...

love watching your house come together. i really like your entry, and your use of natural flooring. darling pic of your son~ so when is your move in date now, still shooting for march?

Marsha said...

I too really enjoy coming here to see your house come together. It must be hard for you to watch most of it from afar. I really like your choice of tiles and the foyer one is breathtaking.

joey said...

You lucky gal! Hope all continues going well :)