Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paint, paint, paint

I'm figuratively foaming at the mouth wanting to get up to see the house. The builders kindly (or cruelly) sent a ton of photos today to help us get a better idea of the paint colors. While this sounds like a wonderful idea, it's also torture!! Ideally, we'll be headed up this coming week but life loves throwing curve balls my way and so I'm trying guess which direction the hit is coming from. For kitchen torment photos, visit my foodblog Dog Hill Kitchen.

The pool room now looks really light, I should be shot for my fickle nature.I love, love, love this green, orange, blue combination!!!The orange looks wonderfulThe slanted areas of the attic get their coat of yellow. I really think this looks much better.My son Alex's bedroom, I love this color with the floor.Alex's bedroom and the kid's bathThe colors of kid's rooms together: Alex's bedroom, the bath, and the playroom/second bedroomThe kid's bath and playroom togetherThe master bedroom and bathroomThe kitchen, blue powder room and darker green-grey dining roomThe dining room and foyer


once in a blue moon... said...

i adore all your colors, you are so bold and fun in your choices and i too love the vistas from room to room. decorating will be so much fun!

Jamie said...

Maggie, can I tell you something? You and your husband are living OUR dream! The beautiful hill on all that beautiful land, building your dream home, all of it. You are really some lucky girl!

TavoLini said...

Look at these bright colors!! I love it!!

This house is going to be great -- hope you guys have some nice weather to get up there and work on it :)

Abigail said...

Oh gosh, those colors are vibrant and beautifully bold! I love all the light coming in to the house.