Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting close

I'm approaching a full year blogging about building and the house is getting so close to being finished I can taste it. The trim for the windows and doors is finished, the fireplace has been trimmed out, and the railing for the stairs is going in. Toilets are installed, faucets are going in and the wall tiles are going up. The cabinets and floors are installed in the mudroom and the pool room is getting finished so that the pool cover can be installed. The counter tops were installing in the kitchen but I'm saving those pictures for my foodblog. Here are the rest of the pictures the builders sent of this week's progress.

There will be four of these decorative tiles on the fireplace (see the top photo).
All the fireplace trim will be painted white and the tiles will be all white.
(image from Meredith Art Tile)Stair railing going in
The stairs down with the railing beginning The cabinetry in the mudroom: a printer station, file cabinets and coat hooks and bench on the right
The mudroom with tile and trim, on the left is a mop sink for washing dog feet
The kid's bathroom with tile up in the shower and the toilet installed
The kid's bath vanity
The master bath with the toilet installed in the water closet
The master bath vanity with the counter tops and faucet
The main floor powder room with the mini vanity and toilet installed
The attic/top floor powder room with the sink and toilet installed
The attic with trim going up on the halfwall
John's red office with trim
John's bathroom vanity, without doors
John's shower
And John's baby, the sauna
Doesn't the color of the sauna cedar look awesome with the wall color?


Marsha said...

Everything is so beautiful looking. I bet you are counting the days to move in.

TavoLini said...

I think I may have said it before, but your color choices are just excellent. I am so excited--this house is almost done! Are you guys moving soon?

Maggie said...

Thanks guys! We still have a couple more weeks of construction and then we're at the mercy of the inspectors.

TitansFan said...

I really like the plethora of colors you used in the rooms. The shower looks great too. The spray jets look fun. I bought this Bathroom Vanity for my house. It is the focal point of the bathroom and it creates more space. It's kind of a Feng Shui thing for me.