Monday, March 30, 2009

Lights and other details

I had more pictures in my camera from our trip last week. Mostly of the shots are of the light fixtures that were going up while we were there. I'm really happy with how the lights look. We're down to approximately 2 weeks until the house is ready for the final inspection. Unfortunately, not only can anything happen to add a delay in that time but the final inspection is a big unknown as well. The inspection in November was also from the county and we had a big hold up then. I'm trying not to think about it at this point and focusing instead on straightening and packing parts of the old house and working on some Easter projects. The builder might have some finished room shots for me later this week, meaning we'll be able to see floors, painting finished, lights and trim all together.
The foyer light and final coat on the blue paint. This color is awesome and looks great with the tile.
Light and medicine cabinet in the main floor powder room
Light from the side walls (on either side of my big tub) in the master bathroom
Closet system going up in the master closet
Alex in the dining room
The fireplace got it's final coat of paint and will have mirror and tile soon, the banister is up all the way and the handrail will be stained soon. It will be darker, like the flooring.
Light up in the top floor powder room and the darker color up on the walls
The uber-cool lights for the pool room (this one is horizontal over the sliding doors, the others are all vertical) A vertical pool room light with the duct to show how they make the ducts fit in better
Alex in the pool room, in front of John's office window
John's bathroom vanity cabinet
The fan/light up in the downstairs family room
The patio light, the same lights are on the garage, I loved the farmhouse look of these and the fact that they have large shades to protect the night sky view. I don't want to miss even a single star!
The garage with the exterior lights up


TavoLini said...

I really like the exterior lights--very classic and yet unique. Hope the inspection goes well!

Femin Susan said...

I love the interior look and the exterior look.The light are my favorite. Hope the inspection is going well. God bless your new home.

Marsha said...

I like the exterior lights the most...they are so different from what I normally see in my area of the country and they are just striking. All of the lights, fixtures, etc are gorgeous and everything is coming together quickly. when is move in date?

Vanessa said...

What a fantastic house. Very jealous. I really love all the color you put in. The indoor pool room is fantastic. I was wondering what kind of materials (insulation, drywall) the builders used to combat humidity. Awesome house.

Maggie said...

TavoLini: Thanks! We're keeping our fingers crossed this week.

Femin Susan: Thank you!

Marsha: The big final inspections are this week but as always, ANYTHING could happen.

Vanessa: Thanks for stopping by! The entire pool room is built with special treated wood, it's the blue colored wood in the pictures here and there is a massive dehumidifier to treat the pool room air. The whole house has Icynene insulation, an environmentally friendly high-performance product. We also will have a pool cover to keep the heat and moisture in the pool when in not in use.

Femin Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment feel free to visit again.
Keep posting............