Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pool room duct and master bath tile

I've been doing a lot of yard work and cleaning on our soon-to-be old house but wanted to quickly post some pictures the builders sent from earlier this week. Above is my first look at the tile in the master bath shower. I love the way it looks! The accent tile is a small green marble. I'll try and get a closer picture of it once it's grouted and sealed because it's such pretty stuff.

The pool room is getting it's final work done before they can remove the platform that currently covers the pool. Then they can clean the pool and install the cover. We're so excited about seeing the pool again! Part of getting the pool room ready for the pool unveiling is installing this hanging air duct. It's a necessary evil and I think it'll work better in the room once my industrial-style lights are installed. Here it is in all it's shiny, metallic glory.

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TavoLini said...

Very awesome pool room!! I love the subway tile in the bathroom, I'm planning on putting it in ours, too--a nice classic look!