Thursday, February 26, 2009

More trim and tile

I posted on my foodblog today about laying out closet units in the pantry, see Pantry Plans. I had a few more pictures left on my camera from last week's trip so I'm throwing them up. Here's more trim, doors and tile that were in place last week.
A better look at the main floor powder room colorCloset doors, trim and a door in the playroom/second bedroom The foyer tiles with more of the slate cut
The little window onto the pool room in the master bedroom
I have to get stops so this can't open more than 3 inches or
one of the cats will fall through for sure. Kids bath tile
Trim and doors in the downstairs family room, the glass is covered on the French doors.
Master bath tile Closer master bath tile, I still like it but I'm nervous
about how it will look against the tub now.
Tile and trim in the attic powder room, the tile looks more tan in real life
and I've asked them to paint the next shade darker in the green.Alex was pretending to kiss the tree.
He got his hair cut yesterday and no longer looks like Mowgli.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doors, tile and my tub

With the dogs up with us last week the visit was hasty, so we're back up north again already. There are trim and doors to see, hopefully that will come along quickly. The more daunting work looks to me to be the tile. A task I worked on this morning was to lay out the foyer tiles. The floor will be a mix of slate with blue ceramic tiles from Pewabic Pottery of Detroit. I bought the tiles from one of their firehouse sales years ago and have eagerly awaited using them. Soon they'll be a part of our new house! I'm happy with the quasi-random pattern the builder and I worked out. We also placed the tub in the master bath. It's so comfortable and I love the way it looks. That's all that needs to be done now so I get a day to spend some time outside. The weather is good, it's not too cold and there is fresh coat of packable snow. I'm going hiking around the land tomorrow.
The foyer tiles laid out, I may try and get a better photo tomorrow.Every time I see it, I like the crazy red in John's office more. A door installed in the master bedroom My giant soaking tub; aligned nicely so that I have great views in either direction.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our dogs go to Dog Hill

We're just back from a quick trip up to see the house. We didn't have our normal dog sitter available so we decided to bring our two dogs Roxy and Karmal up to see the property for the first time. The drippy weather was a mess, though the warmth that caused it was welcome. I spent my time in the house going over tile details while John and Alex took the dogs tromping in the woods a bit. Alex got completely soaked splashing in the snow melt and Karmal and Roxy found mice in a brush pile. The dogs seemed to like the land though Roxy wasn't fond of sinking into the deep snow. Things look good in the house, though we expected more progress. I'm happy with the majority of the colors and think that it will be great with a few tweaks and with all of the other details in place. We expect to head up again very soon.
Alex in the snow melt pond with Roxy sniffing around behind him John, Alex, Roxy and Karmal down in the valley behind the house

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paint, paint, paint

I'm figuratively foaming at the mouth wanting to get up to see the house. The builders kindly (or cruelly) sent a ton of photos today to help us get a better idea of the paint colors. While this sounds like a wonderful idea, it's also torture!! Ideally, we'll be headed up this coming week but life loves throwing curve balls my way and so I'm trying guess which direction the hit is coming from. For kitchen torment photos, visit my foodblog Dog Hill Kitchen.

The pool room now looks really light, I should be shot for my fickle nature.I love, love, love this green, orange, blue combination!!!The orange looks wonderfulThe slanted areas of the attic get their coat of yellow. I really think this looks much better.My son Alex's bedroom, I love this color with the floor.Alex's bedroom and the kid's bathThe colors of kid's rooms together: Alex's bedroom, the bath, and the playroom/second bedroomThe kid's bath and playroom togetherThe master bedroom and bathroomThe kitchen, blue powder room and darker green-grey dining roomThe dining room and foyer

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More paint and the first look at cabinetry

The builder's sent pictures today of the painting going on downstairs. I love the look of the orange family room and the other smaller rooms but I'm a little worried about the blue in the pool room. Is it too dark? I can't decide and probably shouldn't without seeing it in person but...

We also got the first look at the kitchen cabinets! There's not much to see since the kitchen has a lot of activity going on but it's extremely exciting for me. Scroll down to the last photo to see. Here are the other rooms the builder's took pictures of for us.
The downstairs family roomThe exercise room John's officeJohn's office with the pool viewThe pool room wall with the doorwall to the family room and windows to the living room aboveAnd finally, the kitchen with cabinets!!!