Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back filling and pool digging pictures

I received pictures of the house from our builders today. They've installed some foam insulation and back filled. The garage floor is poured. The radiant heating is going in the basement floor and it has to be inspected before the basement floor is poured. And the pool should be coming soon! You can see them digging out the pool hole in the above picture which is taken from where the front door will eventually be. It looks so much better than when we were up last. I think it makes a huge difference to have the piles of earth pushed back into place. Now it feels like a building site again and not a war zone. It's killing us that we're not up to see it in person. Here are the other pictures:

Looking at the garage from the driveway, after back filling the foundation
The garage, after the back filling and pouring the floorEastern front of the house after back filling
Looking down onto the western side of the basement
Eastern side of the basementDigging the pool hole

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