Thursday, August 28, 2008


Shortly after I posted the pictures this morning of the basement floor the builders surprised me with even more photos, of WALLS!! I can't believe how much has gone up. The blue colored wood is treated for moisture/mold resistance. That wood is on the walls that will be inside the pool room. The outside pool room walls are not up and the pool is now covered with white plastic.

In John's office looking out: to the left a window and
door, to the outside to the right a large window looking onto the pool
In the pool room: looking at the window into John's office
To the left the doorway onto the pool room,
to the left the family room and exercise room

Looking on the east side of the house
The door into John's office from the outside
In the downstairs family room: doorway onto the pool room in back
The east side of the basement with walls
The basement walls going in

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