Thursday, August 28, 2008

More pool and basement pictures

We still won't be going up to see the house until next week but I got a few new pictures from the builders this morning. They've finished installing the radiant heat and poured the basement floor. This morning the first tier of concrete is being installed around the pool. The next tier should be poured in the next few days. They will be covering up the pool before we get up to see it but it's for the best since the framers are getting started and need to be able to work around the area building the pool room walls.

I hope we'll get a ton of pictures of the house and land next week. It will be great to see all of the progress in person. Alex saw these pictures and asked me if he could lay on the floor now. I think he really wants to get in the house and play with his Bionicles inside. He's going to love running around in there when we go up next. We may even have the beginning of a first floor by next week!

The basement floor after being poured

The pool with the basement family room in the foreground
The west side of the basement
The pool before they pour the first tier of concrete
The east side of the basement
The framed area for the automatic pool cover

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